The team

Renda Rundle is the managing director of Quantessential Services Limited.

After obtaining a BSc Hons in Statistics, Renda started her career in the mining industry in South Africa, working for Gold Fields Mining and Development. She received her MSc in Geostatistics with distinction from the University of Leeds and continued her mining career in various consultancy roles.

She joined the financial services in 2001 at Barnard Jacobs Mellet (BJM) as a quantitative analyst and became a CFA charterholder in 2004. Renda and her family relocated to London in 2008, where she joined BJM UK as quantitative analyst. She moved to Renaissance Capital in 2010, focusing on quantitative research in Central & Eastern European Emerging Markets, South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. During her career, Renda has been among the top-rated financial analysts in South Africa.

Renda founded Quantessential Services Limited in 2013, which provided quantitative research to Noah Capital Markets, Woodhill Asset Management and Banking Science Limited. In 2015, Renda returned to South Africa, joining African Alliance Securities as quantitative analyst focusing on sub-Saharan Africa. She returned to London in 2016 and is currently pursuing a PhD in Financial Computing and Analytics at University College London (UCL), after successfully completing a master’s degree in research (MRes) in the same subject in 2017.